Landscape Design in Belmont, CA


The city of Belmont is nestled in the Bay Area halfway between San Francisco and San Jose. Belmont, which means “beautiful mountain” in French, is a unique city mainly on the hills overlooking San Francisco Bay. Most residents own their homes, and the city is known for its stretches of open space, wooded hills, vast canyons, and views of San Francisco. 

Belmont has a mild climate, with warm summers averaging in the mid-70s and cooler winters averaging about 55 degrees. Belmont gets approximately 27 inches of rain annually, slightly higher than California’s average of 23.5 inches. 

The generally mild Mediterranean climate offers a variety of landscaping options. Install a pergola to enjoy a shady spot to enjoy views of the Bay Area or an outdoor fireplace to cozy up next to friends and family in the evenings. 

What Locations Does Sequoia Outdoor Serve?

With over 35 years of experience, Sequoia Outdoor provides reliable landscaping design services to neighborhoods throughout Belmont, including Central Belmont, McDougal, Western Hills / Belmont Heights, and Cipriani. Sequoia Outdoor also serves surrounding cities in San Mateo County, including San Carlos, Redwood City, Burlingame, Atherton, and Menlo Park. 

Building Your Dream Landscape in Belmont

When envisioning your ideal Belmont landscape, homeowners should consider lifestyle, existing architecture, and budget. 

Think about what elements will best serve your lifestyle. You may have young kids or pets that need outdoor space to run and play. Or you regularly host guests and want an outdoor kitchen or firepit to entertain. 

You’ll also want to consider how your softscape and hardscape design will tie in with your existing architecture. Expert landscape design can help you create a cohesive vision for your home. 

When determining your budget, it’s essential to factor in initial design, materials, installation costs, and ongoing maintenance. 

What Services Does Sequoia Outdoor Provide? 

Sequoia Outdoor provides several services, including:

What Landscape Design Styles Are Common in Belmont?

Belmont has warm, sunny weather, so most residents opt for less grass and more rock features, installing artificial turf, and drought and flood-tolerant plants. Residents might opt for paved walkways or a water feature. 

Why Should I Hire a Belmont-based Landscape Designer?

Hiring a local Belmont-based landscaping company provides you with expert knowledge of your local rules and regulations. Local designers can also leverage their network of local materials suppliers, contractors, plant nurseries, and contracting specialists. 

Local knowledge

A Belmont-based landscape designer will know any local requirements and be familiar with the climate and hilly terrain. 

Microclimate understanding

Every climate comes with unique challenges, and a local expert will understand the weather patterns and dry air. They’ll be able to suggest the most durable materials to withstand potential issues like drought. 

Local terrain experience

Local experts are accustomed to Belmont’s hilly terrain and understand the region’s best materials and landscape construction techniques. 

Access to local resources

Belmont landscape designers have established relationships with local services and materials providers and can source materials and services as needed.

Does Sequoia Outdoor Landscape with Plants, Succulents, or Gravel?

Sequoia Outdoor uses plants, succulents, and gravel, depending on your preferences and property needs. 

Does Sequoia Outdoor Design for Earthquakes, Wildfires, or Mudslides?

With over 35 years of experience, Sequoia Outdoor understands the importance of considering natural disasters when landscaping. 

What Does the Process of Hiring Sequoia Outdoor Entail?

When you hire Sequoia Outdoor, our team will gather information about your landscaping project, then provide an estimate. Next, we’ll book an on-site assessment and consider your property’s terrain and existing features. Then we’ll create a 3D rendering of your landscaping project and finalize the design. 

We take pride in our transparency and will review the budget and timeline as well as answer any questions you may have. Our experts will remain available throughout the project, so you can always ask questions and stay updated throughout the construction process. 

FAQ for Landscaping Services

How much does it cost to consult a landscape architect?

Landscape architects in the San Francisco Bay Area charge between $48 and $80 an hour for consultations. Some consultants offer a flat rate for consultations. At Sequoia Outdoor, we offer a complimentary consultation to kick off your landscaping design project.

What is the difference between a landscape architect and a landscape designer?

A landscape architect might work on commercial projects and public spaces, though they can also work on home landscaping remodels. Landscape designers typically specialize in custom designs and do not have a license to work on large commercial projects. 

How much do landscapers charge per hour in Belmont?

The average rate for Belmont landscape contractors is $20.41 an hour

How much should I budget for a landscape project?

Landscaping project budgets vary significantly depending on several factors including project size and materials. Front-yard landscaping projects typically cost between $1,500 and $5,000. Backyard landscaping projects cost anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000. 

What should I expect when hiring a landscape designer?

Even if you have a solid idea of what you want in your outdoor living space, a landscaping designer can help refine plans and ensure you meet all local rules and regulations. They’ll provide insights on what might best fit your budget and lifestyle and how to best design for your climate. 

What questions should I ask a Sequoia Outdoor landscape designer?

Our Sequoia Outdoor experts are happy to answer any questions you may have! You may want to ask if our expert has experience with a project similar to yours. You could also ask to see pictures of their past work. 

Reach Out to Sequoia Outdoor for Landscape Design in Belmont

Whether you want to create a yard for play, a beautiful garden design to enjoy, or an outdoor kitchen for the ultimate hosting experience, our experts at Sequoia Outdoor have you covered every step of the way. Schedule a free consultation to set your landscape design plans in motion.